This 68-Year-Old Man In MP Is Offering Water To Travelers Because Of This Very Important Reason

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3:25 pm 21 Nov, 2017


Rampal Prajapati, 68, who hails from Javdeshwar (Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh), braves the sun all day to offer water to travelers. Everyday Prajapati takes a bucket of water and offer water to every thirsty person at Bhogita Tiraha, Pali highway in Sheopur.

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Amazingly, he is doing this for the last twenty years.

Why? Because twenty years ago his friend Vasudev Vaishnav used to do this service, but at the time of his death, he told Prajapati that there is nothing more gratifying than giving someone water to drink.

Vaishnav told Prajapati that if he was able to do so then there was nothing like that. Vaishnav also told him that this work will give peace to his soul.

Prajapati took his friend’s last words to his heart and is fulfilling his friend’s last wish ever since.

Prajapati lives along with his wife and two sons. While his elder son is living separately with his wife his younger son (a Divyang) is living with him.

According to Sultan Meena, former sarpanch of Javdeshwar, he has seen Prajapati offering water in all seasons. Be it the hot season of June or cold winters, he doesn’t fails in his routine.

As per Rampal Prajapati, he is doing this work not for any greed, but for himself.


Truly, Prajapati is a generous soul indeed.

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