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This Midget Couple From Madhya Pradesh Has Been Without A Proper Job For The Last 15 Years

Updated on 17 July, 2016 at 11:32 am By

Wonder how height impacts someone’s life? It is a known truth that tall people enjoy psychological, material and physical advantages. So what happens when you are abnormally short? Perhaps the same that is happening to this couple from Madhya Pradesh.

Their height became the bane of their lives. Hukumchand and Bharati are midgets because of which they are struggling to find a proper employment.



Married 15 years ago, the two-and-half feet Hukumchand and his equally short wife Bharati have not been able to gain access to simple government facilities despite having an a BPL card.

According to a report, schemes such as Chief Minister’s Housing Plan and Rural Housing Plan have not benefitted them. Burhanpur has a very high number of people living below the poverty line.


Midgets in Madhya Pradesh

Hukumchand and Bharati at the Collector’s office. DainikBhaskar

A resident of Zainabad in Burhanpur, Hukumchand used to work as a peon at a tehsil office before his marriage. He was, however, not on payroll.

The salary he received was through contributions of officers working in the department. The total amount was a meagre Rs.500.


Midgets in Madhya Pradesh

Bharat (left) with her husband Hukumchand on their way to the Collector’s office seeking help. DainikBhaskar

Things changed for the worse when new officers arrived; they did not find any use of him and he was laid off.

The couple has been struggling to make ends meet for more than a decade now. This is why they approached the Collector seeking a proper employment opportunity.


The Collector, Irene Cynthia, listened to their plea and promised to provide them with an employment opportunity.


Midgets in Madhya Pradesh

The couple before Collector Irene Cynthia. DainikBhaskar

She immediately instructed the municipal commissioner Suresh Rewal to take action and help the couple get a job.



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