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Madhuri Dixit Responds To Lilly Singh Mimicking Her Expressions, And It’s Hilarious

Published on 12 March, 2019 at 4:33 pm By

Madhuri Dixit Nene is one of the most iconic Indian actresses. When she took a hiatus from acting to move to the US to have a family, it broke many hearts. But her comeback was proof that she loves her Indian fans just as much they love her. Girls and women still try to imitate her impeccable expressions and guys would give anything to stand next to her. And one fan of her’s who recently gave imitating Madhuri’s expressions a shot, is comedian Lilly Singh.


Yes, Lilly in collaboration with comedian Bhuvan Bam recently made a video post. In the video we see Lilly trying to nail the famous eyebrow movement of Madhuri’s from Devdas. But does she nail it?



Well, she certainly nails it, but not without some much-needed help from Bhuvan Bam. The video made by the duo is super funny. Check out the hilarious video post by Lilly and Bhuvan below:




I am sure many of you out there must also have attempted this eyebrow movement. No? Well, this attempt by Lilly Singh is funny as hell. Soon after she made this post, her fans began reacting to the video.



But the most important reaction is from the expression queen Madhuri Dixit herself. Dixit wrote back to Lilly, saying how she could not stop laughing after watching the video. And also how it made her day. Here is what Madhuri Dixit tweeted back at Lilly:



Here are some other fans reactions to the video by Lilly and Bhuvan.



New Bollywood queen in town



This is hilarious!!



Lily just gave me the fits, LOL!



LMAO! Dope.




So, what did you think of the video? How many of you are thinking of attempting the Madhuri Dixit eyebrow movement yourself? Why don’t you share your thoughts in the comment section?

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