Madhu Trehan: 6 Things You Need To Know About The Fierce Journo

Updated on 21 Aug, 2014 at 7:43 pm


Madhu Trehan is a very renowned author, columnist and journalist to have emerged in Indian Media. She is known to have shook things up in the news world, reported and produced some of the most memorable and hard hitting stories of our time. Known for her attack on the news media itself, Madhu Trehan is one of the most daring journalists of modern India who has had her share of controversies as well. She has been fighting a tough battle to bring about transparency in every field, including the media itself. She has always enjoyed creating a product that doesn’t exist. Here is the list of 6 things you should know about this pioneer in the world of journalism in India.

6. Launching Pad

Madhu Purie Trehan is a veteran journalist who went abroad to learn in Journalism in 1968. First she studied abut journalistic photography in Harrow Technical College & School of Arts in London and later did her masters in journalism from Columbia University in New York. She had her experience as a journalist by working for United Nations press department and serving as an editor for India Abroad before coming back to India.


5. Launching of India Today in 1975


After returning to India, Trehan gave the Indian media the well read and loved magazine, India Today along with her father V.V. Purie. Back in 1975, India Today was the country’s first English-language news magazine. She quit the media in 1977 by handing over the reins of India Today to her brother Aroon Purie to start family and settle down in NY with her husband Naresh Trehan who is a renowned heart surgeon. Also Read: Fallen Journalists Of India: Who Made It Big And Couldn’t HOLD IT


4. Newstrack

In 1988 Madhu Trehan returned to India and launched Newstrack. This is was unique video news magazine (first of its kind in India) that covered the big news stories of the month in 90 minutes which was another first in her list. Madhu Trehan produced and anchored the video news magazine and earned a reputation as a pioneering investigative journalist of India.


3. Prism Me a Lie Tell Me a Truth: Tehelka as Metaphor

Prism Me a Lie Tell Me a Truth: Tehelka as Metaphor is a book brought out by Trehan which has a searing account of the aftermath of Operation West End. It is a true coverage of a sting operation that gave investigative reportage a whole new direction. She filled the book with personal interviews and furnished a deep insight into modern India as well as modern journalism. The book was well received by Indian media and was appreciated for its extensive research done by Madhu Trehan.


2. Newslaundry

What is surprising about News Laundry is that the project comes from the world of news, yet tries to turn the mirror on the media itself. Who but Madhu Trehan, the finest investigative journalist would come up such idea? This is the first time that Indian media has come under scrutiny. Prashant Sareen,  Abhinandan Sekhri and Roopak Kapoor are her partners in this amazing project. The website is the watchdog that keeps an eye on the media from close quarters.


1. Judging the Judges

In 2001, Madhu Trehan along with 4 other journalists was found guilty by the Delhi High Court for rating the High Court’s Judges in terms of various attributes and qualities. The information was based on the interviews of 50 unnamed senior lawyers. Unfortunately, truth was too bitter and the journalists had to apologize to justices after being found contempt of court.



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