Madhavan’s Super Hot Traditional Look Is Making Girls Scream,’We Love You, Maddy!’

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7:27 pm 15 Nov, 2017


Ranganathan Madhavan aka R. Madhavan is aging like wine; the older, the better! If you want proof then just check out his latest pictures or follow his Instagram account and lose yourself in his eternal sexiness. Millennials skipped a heartbeat when ‘Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein’ gave them the chocolate boy of their era. The charm and handsomeness of Madhavan was and is worth falling for.


Whether it’s his post-shower selfie or some random clicks at any event, you will fall for him every time you will look at him. This dude acts like a real chick magnet!


We really want to ask him: what kind of reverse-aging cream is he using? Look at this picture, sun-kissed Maddy looks even sexier!


And this time Maddy was seen wearing a blue kurta-pajama and his female fans are swooning looking at him.

Take a look at his latest picture:


If there is something like ‘Maddygasm’, then Madhavan’s fans are getting that after seeing his traditional look. The sexy actor is making his female fans feel that. Here’s how they are reacting seeing his latest picture in a kurta-pajama.

What’s best about this super hot actor is that he even replies to his fans and make their day!


We love you, Maddy! Forever and ever after!

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