World’s Oldest And Most Photographed Tigress Machli Breaths Her Last In Ranthambore

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12:57 pm 18 Aug, 2016

Known as the Queen of Ranthambore, tigress Machli, who ruled the National Park for her entire life, has breathed her last.

The oldest tigress in the world – she was 19 – Machli had been unwell for the last few days and was under constant supervision of park authorities.

On August 16, Tigerwalah founder Anurag Sharma had shared a photo of Machli, also tagged as T16, with a caption that said at her age medical intervention could be risky.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot too condoled Machli’s death on Twitter.



She breathed her last near a densely forested patch close to a resort at around 9.50 am on August 18.

Park officials said they were saddened by her death because she had become part of the family. The carcass would be sent for postmortem and a proper funeral will be carried out.

Machli holds the record of being the most photographed tiger in the world. She was named so by Colin Patrick Stafford-Johnson – a cinematographer who spotted a mark on her cheek that resembled a fish.


She was also photographed killing a 14-foot-long crocodile inside the park. The encounter led to her losing all her canines in the encounter, though she managed to kill the croc. Ever since, Machli was fed by park authorities.

The main draw for tourists in Ranthambore, Machli has helped earn Ranthambore Rs.65 crores in the last 10 years.

She has been featured in short films, documentaries and has Facebook pages dedicated to her name.

Here is Machli breathing her last.


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