M. Ravi, The CEO Of Bhilai Steel Plant, Now Lives In Bungalow He Wasn’t Even Allowed To Enter 20 Years Ago

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8:05 pm 12 Jul, 2017


Nothing is impossible for a person who is hard working and is determined towards his/her goal in life. Such is the inspiring story of M. Ravi, the present chief executive officer of Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP).

The dedication and hard work of M. Ravi has changed his fortune completely. Surprisingly, the present CEO of BSP now lives in the very same bungalow in which he wasn’t allowed to even enter about 20 years ago.


Extreme left – M.Ravi, CEO of Bhilai Steel Plant TheHitvada

Ravi himself gave confirmed this. On Saturday, while he was attending an event where BSP officials were also present, there was a discussion about BSP CEO’s bungalow.

An executive of the Bhilai Steel Plant said that the magnificence of the bungalow of BSP CEO has been a subject of discussion among executives of other units of Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL).

To this, M.Ravi said that when he was serving as AGM in SMS-1 of Bhilai Steel Plant, in 1997-98, he came to show the bungalow to his son.

Actually, Ravi’s son insisted on seeing the BSP MD’s bungalow. To fulfill his son’s wish, Ravi brought his son on his scooter to show him the bungalow but the guard deputed outside the lavish mansion prohibited them from entering the premise saying that it is the bungalow of MD and not a place to roam about.

Ever since M. Ravi was appointed as the chief executive officer of Bhilai Steel Plant in August 2016, he has been living in this mansion, Bungalow number 1, Talpuri, Bhilai as the head of the house.


M. Ravi had forgotten the incident when he was refused entry into the bungalow 20 years back but his son remembered it very well and also reminded him of the episode.

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