MoS M.J. Akbar Indirectly Slams Pakistan; Calls It A ‘Hypocrite Of The Worst Kind’

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6:04 pm 16 Aug, 2016

Minister of State (MoS) External Affairs M.J. Akbar indirectly called Pakistan a “hypocrite of the worst kind”.

In his first visit to the US as MoS, Akbar praised India’s belief of “faith equality” while pointing out how countries formed on “faith supremacy” – like Pakistan – are “coming apart”.

“Terrorism is the biggest enemy of human rights. Those who use the facade of human rights in order to sponsor barbaric terrorism are hypocrites of the worst kind,” Akbar told PTI.

Akbar was speaking at the Independence Day celebration in US.

The journalist-turned-politician pointed out that faith supremacy resulted in the breaking apart of Pakistan into two in 1971 and is the reason why “Balochistan is simmering now”.

The issue of Balochistan assumed international prominence when Prime Minister Narendra Modi twice raised it on two occasions in the last three days.

While blasting Pakistan for interfering in Kashmir through terrorism, Modi threatened Islamabad of exposing its atrocities in Balochistan.

In his address to Indians, Akbar said that India is a country where faith equality has been the norm since ancient times; everyone has the freedom to follow their faith both by law and in society.

By contrast, without naming Pakistan, he said that the threat to India’s civilisation is coming from countries, “including in our neighbourhood”, where supremacy of faith is practiced.

He pointed out how India’s pluralistic society has allowed the continuance of various religions side-by-side.


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It should be noted here that Pakistan is an Islamic Republic where minority religious communities are regularly persecuted for their beliefs. Despite numerous appeals, even the government stays mum on the atrocities committed on the communities.

At the same time, Akbar highlighted that terrorism is the greatest enemy of human rights.



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