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If Arvind Kejriwal Wrote Lyrics For Coldplay, This Is How It Would Be

Updated on 22 July, 2015 at 11:33 pm By

What’s common between Arvind Kejriwal and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin? Yeah! We all know their “We-Care-For-India” spirit. But what else? Both are self-confessed music lovers. The AAP leader sang Manna Dey’s song from movie ‘Paigam’ during his election campaigns to gain our votes emotionally and also recently penned down a song “Dil Dewaana hai” for a Bollywood flick. Maybe he is thinking of a writing career in Bollywood after ‘Paanch Saal Kejriwal’ mode.  Also, Bollywood is just another place where drama sells..


What if this lyrically talented Chief Minister is given a chance to write for Coldplay? Just imagine how the lyrics would come out…

1. His morning ritual.


Arvind Kejriwal CM turned writer

2. This is what he does best.


Kejriwal - CM turned writer

*Oops he meant not to fool you*



3. Remove the VIP culture but don’t forget the corrupt  VIP’s. We are with you!


Kejriwal - CM turned Writer

4. Lokpal can only become a reality if you join politics  ~ Arvind Kejriwal to Anna Hazare.


Kejriwal turned writer

*Anna Hazare might change his mind now!*

5.  Hello Kiran-ji…are you listening?


Kejriwal turned writer

6. Modiji ke “Acche din” Delhi main nahi aa paye.


Kejriwal - CM turned writer

7. Kejriwal loves to keep his wife waiting.


Kejriwal turned writer

8. Only God knows…



9. The inconvenient truth.


Kejriwal is now a writer

And this urged me to pen a note following the lyrical pattern in the same Coldplay style. So I re-framed this…

 Heaven we hope is just up the road

…into this:

 Free Wi-Fi we hope is just on every road 

Please Chief Minister, just a request!

So what’s your message for Arvind Kejriwal in Coldplay style? Do write in comments.



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