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Kashmir’s Terrorist Social Network, KashBook, Hacked By LulzSec India

Published on 21 June, 2017 at 4:44 pm By

A ban on social media has hit Kashmir, which in turn is affecting the lives of civilians. Leaving no scope to get connected with the outside world, the problem seems to be bigger than it appears. To tackle the situation, a 16-year-old software enthusiast created a Facebook alternative known as KashBook, against government policies.


But after almost a month, a team of Indian hackers known as LulzSec India managed to hack the website. Members of LulzSec India found the secret conversation of discussing plans between terrorists and stone pelters. “There was a group of stone pelters and terrorists where they used to discuss future plans and operations. We also managed to get evidence that proves Pakistan was paying stone pelters for attacking Indian Army”, said LulzSec India, as per a report published in Geek Boy.

Hackers defaced the website post downloading and deleting all data from the database, the deface reads the following message:

Message that reads about the hacking of the site


However, the database has not yet been dumped. According to LulzSec, the data will be dumped in one or two days. The database dump could be a big help for government officials to track the bad guys in Kashmir.

KashBook admins deleted the deface from the website and the home page of the website is currently showing an “under construction” message. However, server IP address of the website shows a default web page of apache2 server, which means the server has been destroyed by the hackers, as published in Geek Boy.



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