WTF? LPG Price Breaches Rs 1000 Mark For First Time In 70 Years! Netizens Start A War

4:25 pm 23 Nov, 2018


People of Karnataka are certainly in a shock presently. Wondering why? It turns out that the price of LPG is bordering around Rs 1000 on the non-subsidized domestic LPG. In a place called Bidar, each cylinder was sold for Rs 1,015. Muttering WTF under your breath? Certainly, the residents of Karnataka are doing that! Talking about Bidar, the price of a gas cylinder was Rs 721 in April 2018. However, it seems that it has now crossed Rs 1000 in just a few months. Naturally, people had much to say about this LPG price hike.

The netizens stood divided as this news was shared by Communist Party of India (Marxist) general secretary Sitaram Yechury . This is what he posted:



However, netizens were divided over this news. While some supported Yechury, the others were quick to pick out the failures of the other parties. So, let’s start with those comments that were in support of the CPI(M) leader.







The supporters of ruling BJP quickly jumped in to defend their party and the leaders. What did they say? Have a look:








The sting of the high price is not only felt in Karnataka but in Bihar too. Recently, the domestic non-subsidized price of cylinders in Bihar rose to Rs 1,041. Though we have seen a reduction in the prices of diesel and petrol, the LPG price hike certainly raises many questions.



It is expected that the price will see a reduction by December 2018. All we can do is now wait and watch. What are the thoughts on this price rise? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below.

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