7 Most Loyal And Loving Husbands Of Bollywood

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9:00 am 29 Apr, 2018


As an entertainment industry, Bollywood attracts millions of people from across the nation as a lucrative career option. Scores of beautiful women and handsome men enter this glam world everyday. And as such, it is also home to many affairs, link ups and hookups. Cheating, betrayal, two-timing are considered part and parcel of the page three life. So much so, that outsiders consider people of the industry to be unfaithful and disloyal towards their partners even without knowing them.

Despite this, some B-town couples prove these misgivings wrong. They give us all major couple goals through their relationships which have stood strong over the years.

Here is a look 7 such loyal and loving husbands of Bollywood:

1. Shah Rukh Khan


The King of Romance lives up to his name by being the most romantic, loving and loyal husband to wife Gauri. He is known as a ‘family man’ and rightly so as he is an equally caring and doting father to all his three children as well.


2.  Ajay Devgn

There have been rumours about Ajay Devgn’s affairs with co-stars over the years, but none proved right and the man has stood by his family strongly. In fact, he is a caring husband and a even more doting father.



3. Shahid Kapoor

The Padmavat actor received lot of flak for marrying the much younger Mira. But this did not affect his obvious affection for his wife. The two are actually on the way to having another baby now.


4. Abhishek Bachchan

Being married to the most beautiful woman on earth is no cakewalk, but Abhishek Bachchan does it with fineness. And not only as a husband, even as a father he receives a 10/10.



5. Imran Khan

Imran and Avantika’s story is a perfect romance movie or book story. Their relationship goes back a long time and Imran has time and again proved how loving he is towards his wife and what a doting father he is.



6. Akshay Kumar

The Khiladi of Bollywood has always been open about his past and many relationships. Post marriage though, he has been nothing but a caring, loving and trustworthy husband as well as father.



7. Riteish Deshmukh

Riteish and Genelia are probably the Tinsel Town’s cutest and most beloved couple. That Ritesh is a loving husband and a doting father has been proven many times over the years.



These couples prove that true love does survive despite all odds and against all kind of speculations. As a nation that gets its inspiration from movies and such stars, here is one trait that we all can take inspiration from.



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