Lover Proposes To Girlfriend Using Personalized Crossword Puzzle. But Did She Say Yes?

12:41 pm 14 Apr, 2018


Earlier, proposing to someone was just simple – a man goes down on one knee and and pops the big question. Quite likely, the girl would instantly say ‘yes’ and be happily married. Cut to modern times – one sees how proposing someone has become a trend, rather than just a simple romantic moment. If your proposal isn’t ‘different’, ‘unique’, ‘surreal’ or ‘highly romantic’, you’ll certainly hear a ‘no’.

Right from faking one own’s death, to proposing in the most remotest locations in the world, to a superbly expensive candlelight proposal, you’d think you have seen it all. But wait – this romantic proposal not only raised the bar a notch higher, but gave us instant #ProposalGoals too!



We are talking about how 30-year-old Edward Fraser from Norwich, UK, who proposed to his girlfriend Rachael Herman, in the most ‘cryptic‘ but ‘adorable‘ way possible – and you won’t even believe how!


Edward was not ready to just go down on one left knee and ask his lady for marriage. He wanted to ask his lady in a memorable, yet personalized way, making sure she got moved by his gesture. After all, love makes you do a lot of things, right?

He spent three months carefully crafting coded clues by designing a customized crossword puzzle exclusively for her! And the idea came to him because the couple regularly play crosswords together – it made perfect sense!



Edward created this highly special and intriguing cryptic crossword by taking help of his local newspaper Eastern Daily Press. Infact, these carefully selected crossword clues were facts about her and she had to solve it!



These crafted coded clues included all basic facts about Rachael and references to their loving relationship. It included clues about their holidays like Fiji island’s drink Kava, and Hedwig, Rachael’s favorite character from Harry Potter. Now, isn’t that so sweet?



If you haven’t been surprised yet, this particular one clue was quite the ultimate. It said: ‘The Black Prince begins untangling odes and seeks her final response to 27 across’. This had the answer: ‘Edward does ask R.’ The clue to 27 across? ‘It’s a question of love’. The answer? ‘Will you marry me?’ Have a look yourself:




Luckily, Rachael answered it correctly and she said YES! Considering how they both loved solving puzzles together, she couldn’t get this one wrong! According to Edward, he said: “I agonised over it for quite a while and wanted to make it special because she is a special person. It was quite hard initially as I was trying to think of really cool clues”.



Rachael was overjoyed and said, “I had no idea it was coming and it was such a lovely surprise,’ said Rachael. “Edward played along really well”.



While the entire puzzle was orchestrated around their relationship, the final question of love made her accepted his offer and Edward’s effort yielded best results!



The couple love cryptic crosswords and there’s not a better way they got engaged! When Rachael finally solved the final clue, Edward whipped out a beautiful diamond ring and proposed. Isn’t it beautiful?



The couple are now working out the details of their wedding scheduled for August 2019. We wish them an eternity of togetherness and a happy married life. Do you have any such stories to share? Tell us in the comments below.

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