7 Struggles A Guy Faces When He Falls For A Girl Who Is In Love With Someone Else

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Updated on 9 Nov, 2015 at 10:14 am


Your mind gave plenty of warnings all day but your mischievous heart made you confess your love to her. Two hearts broke at that moment. She kept quiet but her awkwardness spoke for her. A cry erupted from your heart but the apology never came, as it was love. She said she wanted to go. The goodbye hug was cold and impersonal. You felt the wave of separation and time soaked in blue as she disappeared. They say destiny changes in moments sometimes.

What happened after that?


1. The struggle to accept why this happened to you


The days when you guys squealed in delight are cloaked under the darkness of night. A strange sense of absolute betrayal from the Almighty fills you and timing, being the b*tch, mocks you every now and then.


2. The struggle to accept that falling in love was in your hands but the winds of fate betrayed you 

You feel agony about not being with her. You want to talk to her and kiss her but sadly, her heart beats for someone else. You question whether your love is meaningless and worthless. If this is love, it better never happen again.

 3. You are stuck in this in-between phase that frustrates you every single moment

You believe that you won’t be able to revive the same friendship as that unavoidable moment ruined your bond. You wonder if the leftover friendship will also fade away with time.

4. You realize that she is also caught in the same situation as you are

You have nothing to lose but her relationship is at stake. The twister developing in her mind is hard to calculate. On one side, there is a guy who loves her madly which she respects and on the other side there is a guy she loves. The magnitude of complications affects both of you equally.


After all the hurt and disillusioned phase, you decide that you have no choice but to let her go. A whole new maturity level helps you to move forward.

5. The struggle to let go of your love

Whenever you meet or talk, you keep the love talks at bay. Just a small chat calms the speeding-up madness, which once was a constant companion, like a shadow.


6. You decide NOT to walk away from her life 

Erasing her from your life is no solution. Being there for her just the way you were before will further strengthen your friendship. If she was the reason for all your aches, then only she can heal your wounds.

7. At the end of the day, you just want her to be happy

So what if you guys didn’t end up in a relationship? Just imagine how would you feel if she was with you but still not happy? Can you accept that? Let her go where her heart takes her. You never know what happens next. Some things are better left in the past… and true things are destined to repeat themselves.



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