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Soulful Urdu Love Shayaris To Express Your Love For Your Sweetheart

Updated on 2 July, 2019 at 3:05 pm By

Poetry is something that feeds on our emotions. The beautiful expressions created through words never fails to mesmerize us. One such form is Shayari. It is a type of Urdu poem that creatively captures and expresses the complex human emotions. Today we have gathered Urdu love shayaris from the greatest urdu shayars of all time. These lines depict the beautiful yet painful emotion of love in the perfect way.


From expressing your love for your sweetheart to the bittersweet pain of separation, these couplets capture each expression of emotion beautifully. They are sure to take a tug at your heartstrings.



Written by Mirza Ghalib, this is one among the numerous gems that he has gifted. He perfectly captures the feeling that our heart experiences the bittersweet pain that has no remedy.


best love shayari - Dil E Nadaan tujhe huya kya hai, aakhir is dard ki dawa kya hai



This next piece is written by Faiz Ahmad Faiz. His works truly touch the deepest corner of our hearts. He is someone who understands the feeling when love is lost. This piece, however, can also be taken on a notation about a lover’s declaration of intense love.


top love shayari  - aur kya dekhne ko baaki hai aap se dil laga ke dekh liya


Gulzar, the modern day magician of words, has given us numerous poems and Hindi songs. This couplet talks about the unexpressed feelings in a relationship that carries the potential to harm it.


expression of emotion by Shayaris -  bahut andar tak jala deti hain wo shikayatein jo bayaan nhi hoti


Javed Akhtar is another master of words who has never failed to mesmerize us. This is one of his Urdu love shayaris that you will surely adore.


urdu shayaris - Love Shayaris  - tumhein bhi yaad nahi aur main bhi bhool gaya wo lamha kitna haseen tha magar fuzool gaya


Kaifi Azmi is not just another Urdu poet but he is the one who forged the relationship between Urdu literature and Hindi motion pictures. Naturally, these lines from him express his magic.


poem of love - Love Shayaris - waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam tum rahe na tum, hum rahe na hum


These are not all! Here are some more love Shayaris that will fill your heart with warmth.




urdu love shayaris - aaj meine bhi jazbat bheje, tumne phir alfaaz he samjhe


beautiful Love Shayaris - khusro dariya prem ka ulti waa ki dhaar jo utra so doob gaya , jo dooba so paar.


Shayaris on love - haya se sar jhuka lena ada se muskura dena haseeno ko bhi kitna sahal hain hijali gira dena


scoopwhoop shayari on love


best urdu Shayaris



So, which among these you liked the most? Don’t forget to share with us! If you are someone who love romantic tales, then these  love stories will win your heart.

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