7 Reasons Why The Journey To Find Your Love Is More Important Than The Love Itself

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Updated on 22 Apr, 2016 at 1:52 pm


Her innocent charm illuminated your senses and you cherished the love coming your way. You thought: “That’s it, the chase is over”, and gratitude filled your heart. You both together strode the first steps of attachment but little did you know, love decides the path, not us.

When your paths changed, emotions too evolved and maturity enveloped the lunacy. Both of you were stranded on different roads and all this while, you changed, she changed and love aged.

Fortunately, the journey continued though the destination seemed too vague.

Here is why the journey changes you, not the idea of love.

1. It helps you to find your true self.

When you are attached to someone, you experience undiscovered boundaries of emotions. You start to react in the way you really are and when the connect involves uncertainty, it takes away your pretentious self, leaving the real you behind.


2. You get closer to your emotions.

The journey uncovers how stupid you can be and how long you can wait for your love. People around you question your principles but still you are satisfied with what you feel and understand that emotions change naturally, not forcefully.


3. Every phase of the relationship answers your troubled queries.


Everyday, a new emotion of love originates which is completely dependent on your moods. Then, you question that crazy thought until you find the right answer that satiates you from within.

4. The mind becomes wiser and heart becomes more patient.

Mind doesn’t jump into ‘Date-Someone-Because-You-Have-To’ trap and heart is not desperate enough to satisfy its fantasies because one idiotic mistake can push you back to the start and your path loses its value.


5. You realize that love is not something to be chased, it has to be nourished.

You discover your own definition of love. By detaching yourself from expectations and understanding that your better half may have a different thought process, you try to respect the differences.

If the differences are strong enough to destroy every seed of affection you try to sow, then you two can never plant anything together.

6. You start to value your dreams more than anything.

The dreams you realize while being in love are real because love has the power to detach the world from you and slowly, it germinates what you really want.

Losing your love at the cost of grasping your dreams is perfectly fine. May be love was not worth it but dreams were.


7. You learn to fight time that challenges your faith in love.

You curse giving love every time you end up disappointed. Your selfless attitude saddens you but someday, the right person will value it and that very day, the journey will find its destination, consuming the pain of lost time and the departed love.