This Couple’s Love Story Shows How Love Is Truly Unconditional

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10:23 pm 15 Feb, 2016

When it’s true, there are no conditions.

Like a typical Bollywood script, Jai and Sunitha met in class 12, became friends and drifted apart – only to meet again 2 and a half years later.


This time Sunitha had called him up to wish him on his birthday. Oh, what a wonderful birthday surprise this was!

Things started brewing up again. Jai always had his heart set on Sunitha – back from school days.


However, fate was not kind enough to Sunitha.

Jai received a call from Sunitha and was told that she met with a car accident. What he thought to be some minor injuries or a fracture turned out to be a major face surgery.

Sunitha was trying to overcome her pain physically and emotionally but admits it was more painful to watch her loved ones in pain. Yes, Jai was one amongst them.

”I wish I hadn’t met a few of the people and he was one among them then, because I didn’t want to see him in pain.”


The accident however didn’t sabotage the love Jai felt for Sunitha. The night he met her in the hospital, he couldn’t help thinking about her. This is when he went up to her and asked her for her hand in marriage.

”I said let’s get married and then said I’m in love with you. Resolution first, decision second!”


Although reluctant initially, Sunitha thought about it and later give him three flowers to say: ”Yes, I will”.


And so, the couple got married. Sunitha calls herself the happiest woman that day!


And so she was.

Jai has proved that appearances are delusion when true love strikes. Nothing can change the heart of a person who’s truly in love. Jai and Sunitha have a beautiful daughter today. And as Sunitha puts it, ”The most beautiful thing one should go through is this – birth of a baby.”


Jai is not only  a wonderful husband and a father, but an amazing inspiration to people who are disillusioned by the concept of rose-tinted love.

Go Jai!


Watch their heart-warming video here by The Logical Indian.


via – IndiSocialYou don’t need a reason to love someone. No reason can change your love for someone. ATMIA – the story of the pure love of Jai and Sunitha.

Posted by The Logical Indian on Sunday, February 14, 2016


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