According To Your Birth Month, This Is How You Would Fall In Love In 2018

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3:51 pm 18 Nov, 2017


Some of you would be in a happy relationship. Some would be single and really wanting someone to love you deeply and madly. And some of you might be on the verge of a break-up. Well, if you belong to the latter categories, then, this article will bring a lot of hope for you because 2018 might just be the year when you will actually fall in love.


It is somewhat true that our birth month tells a lot about who we are and how our life would shape. Yes, the magic of stars and the numbers have a deeper meaning in our lives because they have a divine connection with the experiences we have had so far.

Every person we fall for, good or bad, has a purpose as it gets us closer to become a better human being.

So, all the guys and girls of the singledom kingdom, we have for you a broad idea of how you would be falling in love in 2018 based on your birth month.

Get ready to know just a part of future love story:

1.  January

You’ll fall in love in 2018 by meeting someone who reminds you that there is so much life outside your professional work. At the same time, that person will support your career rather than getting in your way.

2. February

You will fall in love unexpectedly with an old friend of yours. Though there was no spark initially between you two, slowly, that person will touch your heart and you will feel happy with just being him or her.

3. March

You’ll meet someone who will take care of you just the way you take care of people around you. You’re always had been putting everybody first and taking care of everyone else. Thus, when you meet that person who sees you as someone they want to make happy and take care of,  you’re going to fall for them instantly.

4. April

You will fall for someone who can strongly understand your intense emotions. You will no longer have to apologize for having strong feelings. In the past, you’ve always felt a little self-conscious of expressing your inner self but with him/her, it would very comfortable.

5. May

You have always set high goals for yourself professionally that make you restless. But in 2018, you’re going to fall in love with someone who actually decreases your restlessness, instead of making it worse.

6. June

You’ll finally find yourself in a relationship that you’ve always wanted. The person will be sensitive, loving and gentle. He/she will make you feel like you could talk to them about absolutely anything without feeling bored, dull or colorless.

7. July

You’ll fall in love by meeting someone you never expected to fall for. He/she will definitely be not your type but will end up totally fascinating you. You, too, will feel instantly comfortable and happy with them.

8. August

You will end up with a person who actually stands up to you and respects your leadership and confidence. They will always make sure the relationship is 50-50 rather than allowing it to be something where you run the show.

9. September

You’ll fall for someone who inspires you to take risks and makes you fearless about your own feelings. Just being with them will make you feel so alive.

10. October

You will find yourself with someone who makes you feel more and more like yourself, instead of making you feel like you’re losing your sense of self by being with them.


11. November

In 2018, you will fall in love who works at your conscious level. You’ve always had a fast mind with thousands of ideas and with that one person, you will finally be able to vent out everything.

12. December

In this new year, you will fall in love with a person who is very controlled and a rational person. He will turn your world upside down in the best way.

Source: Thought Catalog

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