7 Illustrations That Capture The Difference Between New And Long-term Relationships

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4:28 pm 7 May, 2016


Sarah C. Andersen has once again scribbled some fantastic illustrations. And like always you surely going to agree with all of them. This time she has drawn the difference between a long-term relationships and new relationships. Many of us must have gone through the uncomfortable, formal stage of a new relationship and have now reached a point where nothing else matters apart from love.

At first we take care of every little thing because everything is new and no one wants to give a bad impression to their loved ones. But as time passes, things become casual and we start paying attention to bond making over character building. Here, are seven illustrations by the artist which you just can’t help but agree with.


1. You have your secret code language that no one else can understand.


When you start living with someone, you develop your own language. Those words that won’t make any sense to anyone else are actually a medium of communication between you two. Isn’t this adorable?


2. From awkward dining to silly bets.

It’s always awkward to eat with someone in front of who you feel nervous. But, as the time passes you get out of that zone of awkwardness. No matter you do at the dinning table it hardly matters to your other half.



3. Cuddling is something we all like but sometimes just you and your blanket will be sufficient.

Sleeping next to your loved one is great. In fact cuddling is the cutest part of a relationship. But when sharing your bed becomes a routine then you definitely crave spare time to spend with your blanket.



4. From those butterflies of nervousness to a chilled-out going out.

At first you take care of smallest of the small thing. To look your best stays your target till it becomes a long-term relationship where you know no matter how you look, your other half will still love you.



5. This one is the cutest.

Well, I can definitely relate to this. Love never dies if it’s not just physical attraction. A long-term relationship never demands any fancy lines to impress each other. An easy explanation will do!



6. The meaning of intimacy changes.

You try to create a seductive environment, make preparation by fancy lingerie for some action. As time passes, your willingness to make love with each other that is all you both need. Any place will start looking romantic. Believe me!



7. The level of honesty goes from zero to hundred.

You stop feeling shy when your relationship becomes old. There is every possible thing you want to share with each other and that’s when you realize that there is a strong bond between you both.



Source: Bored Panda



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