17 Real Reasons Why Women Pick Up Fights With Men They Love The Most

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Updated on 22 May, 2015 at 5:38 pm


We love our grandma and ma, and we also love our brother and sister and dad, and we fight with them all the time. It’s the same thing with the men we love – sometimes we need to fight, argue, disagree, curse, and vent it all out.

We love you unconditionally, but we will still pick up fights with you and here’s why:

1. Because when we’re bored and stuck up, a fight really helps in venting it all out.

Because we like to bring things to the boiling point or it gets too boring for us.



2. Because sometime you try to dictate us.

Your skirt is too short, your jeans are too tight, that burger is too oily…….


3. Because when everything’s going well, something could be fishy.

Who like smooth rides? Smooth rides can indicate that something is wrong. So, we fight it out.


4. Because sometimes you just need to test the waters and see how far we can push you.

There are times when women need to know how far their man can go for them, and this is not an easy task to accomplish.


5. Because you stopped us from buying something we really liked.


6. Because there is always something to resolve from the past.

A fight you could never resolve, an argument you could never convince each other about.


7. Because you’re refusing to talk or address something that is important to us.

What are you avoiding?


8. Because we’re not your Ex, stop comparing us with them.


9. Because we fight with everyone who cares for us.

Including our mothers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, we fight with everyone we love dearly.


10. Because we can’t always be the cool girl.

Sometime we fill up and need to burst.


11. Because you blame everything, all our mood swings to PMS.


12. Because you think we’re crazy when we think big.


13. Because the only compliment you know is ‘you look nice’.


14. Because you never let us navigate and always want the lead in your hands.


15. Because the TV remote is not your sole possession.


16. Because we know he will forgive us at the end of it.


17. And because make-up sex is the best.




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