Do You Know Lord Shiva Had A Sister Whom Parvati Did Not Share A Healthy Rapport With?

4:26 pm 19 Sep, 2017


Lord Shiva, along with Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu, make up for Hinduism’s Holy Trinity. While we know quite a lot about the trimurti or the tridev deity, as represented in sacred texts, not much is known about their families or their origin. And the most intriguing of all of them is Lord Shiva. In fact, the knowledge that Lord Shiva also had a sister may be a sweet shock to many.

Lord Shiva created Asavari Devi with his divine powers Nav Hindu

Now, in Hinduism, the trimurti is considered as the unborn, the holy creator, preserver and destroyer of ALL. Seeing the universe from this angle, the thought is bound to arise, from where did Lord Shiva’s sister come from? In this article, we acquaint you with Lord Shiva’s sister, who is known as Asavari Devi.

The mythical tale is from the time when goddess Parvati arrives at the Kailash Parvat after her holy union with Lord Shiva. Born and brought up in a royal household with innumerable maids waiting on her, goddess Parvati would often be extremely bored with no one to talk to. Often she would also think of how different the entire situation could be if she had a nanad or sister-in-law for company. In fact, not once but many times she thought of this but never expressed her feelings to Lord Shiva. But is it possible for anyone to hide anything from the omniscient Lord Shiva? It did not take a minute for him to read his beloved’s mind.


It was then that Lord Shiva created Asavari Devi, his sister, with his maya or divine supernatural powers. However, instead of making her an epitome of exceptional beauty, Lord Shiva made her look different. Asavari Devi was fat, had cracked feet, and loved to eat. Ecstatic to have finally had her desire met, Parvati lovingly bathed Asavari Devi before spreading a gala luncheon for her. However, soon Asavari Devi finished her entire platter yet her appetite was not met. She, in fact, ate everything that Parvati had in her stores. Although Parvati was sad at this, she did not express her feelings.

After lunch, Asavari Devi started playing pranks with her sister-in-law, to the extent that she had goddess Parvati abducted within the cracks of her feet! When Lord Shiva came in looking for his beloved, Parvati tripped her out of her cracks. Needless to say, goddess Parvati was not only hurt but also traumatized at such behavior. She asked her husband to take Asavari Devi to her in-law’s place. Lord Shiva understood that goddess Parvati and Asavari Devi could never share great rapport with each other, and hence made the latter bid farewell to Kailash Parvat forever.