Police Look For Ram Rahim’s Adopted Daughter Honeypreet Singh

4:15 pm 1 Sep, 2017


Suspected of being actively involved in hatching an escape plan for Ram Rahim Singh on the day he was convicted over rape charges by a court at Panchkula, the Haryana Police has put out a lookout notice for Honeypreet Insaan, the adopted daughter of the disgraced godman.

The police had foiled a daring escape attempt by Ram Rahim on August 25 after he was taken him into custody following conviction by a CBI court. The godman is currently lodged in a jail at Rohtak.

Ram Rahim with Honeypreet Caravan Alive Magazine


According to a senior police official, it was an alert team led by deputy commissioner of police (crime) Sumit Kumar that foiled the escape bid, which was made by the Dera chief’s disciples and interestingly, Haryana police commandos, who were tasked with keeping the disgraced Guru under the highest Z security cover.

What got the police suspicious about the godman’s motives was that after the self-styled guru was convicted, he immediately demanded that his red bag be brought over.

The Dera chief demanded the bag, saying his clothes were in it. Actually, the red colour of the bag was a signal to spread information about his conviction among the followers so that they could turn violent and resort to arson, with the resultant chaos providing a good chance to escape.

The senior police officer said that immediately after the bag was taken out of the car, they heard sounds of teargas shells being lobbed at some distance from the site.

He said:

It was then that we understood that there was some meaning behind the signal.

Furthermore, what made the officials suspect Ram Rahim’s motives even more was that his adopted daughter Honeypreet Insaan, kept standing in the court premises for long time, even when she was asked by the police and the court authorities to move away.

The police officer said:


They were trying to gain time before sitting in the vehicle so that their men could spread the message about him being moved out from the court. All the people, including Honeypreet, accompanying the convict were asked to move out but they deliberately lingered on. The mob that was becoming violent was about 2-3 km away and could have moved towards the court premises. Had Ram Rahim been successful in slipping out of police custody and mixing with his followers, casualties in that day’s  violence in Sector 1, Panchkula could have been much more.

Honeypreet Insaan, the adopted daughter of the Dera Chief, is undoubtedly one of the closest aides of the godman. On Twitter, she describes herself as “Papa’s angel, philanthropist, director, editor, actress and passionate to transform my rockstar papa’s directions into actions.”



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