Is The Person Who Will Live To Be 1000 Years Old Alive Today? Probably.

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7:00 pm 17 Apr, 2015


According to researchers, biological revolution that will let humanity experience long-lasting youthfulness is just around the corner.

Cambridge gerontologist and co-founder of Strategies For Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS) Research Foundation in California, Aubrey de Grey, has been working on this extended youth idea. “The first thing I want to do is get rid of this word immortality, because it’s enormously damaging; it is not just wrong, it is damaging,” he said.

Grey says that his research will not eliminate risk of death, but it will undo the damage done by the “wear and tear of life” – aging.

According to Grey, the person who will be able to escape the ill health of old age indefinitely has most probably already been born. His process involves killing cells that have lost the ability to divide, and allowing healthy cells to multiply and replenish tissue. This therapy will rejuvenate a 60-year-old so well that they won’t be biologically 60 again until they’re actually 90.

Grey Aubrey de Grey

The theory is now going to be applied to mice. Grey believes that in six to eight years, it will be available for humans too.


Grey’s theory is to keep ahead of the problem instead of trying to prevent metabolism from causing damage, which is what other gerontologists are focused on. He explained, “We have essentially bought 30 years of time to rejuvenate them when they are chronologically 90 so they won’t be biologically 60 for a third time until they are 120 or 150.”