Before You Go For A Long Distance Relationship, Keep These 8 Things In Mind

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Updated on 8 Apr, 2016 at 9:29 pm


The fickle time played its uncertain move and in that wretched moment, the distance separated you both. As the time passed, you counted the seconds in the seconds but the designed circumstances pulled you guys away further. Meanwhile, love was laboriously fighting hard to find a warm place to stay but egos razed it. Pouring out your emotional chaos was the only way left and then, the distance melted into thin air.

Well, is love the strongest force to keep two people together? Earlier I doubted it, but now I worship this thought.

1. Emotional distance should not be a mile apart even though you are physically a thousand miles away.

The firm bridge of emotions is the only connecting path between you two. The more you share your doubts, insecurities and fears, the more stronger the bond becomes. If your better half is unaware about the raging war inside your head, then the bridge might collapse into hopeless waters.


2. The most feared thought – Distance will tear us apart – should not become an excuse for parting ways.

If distance is an excuse, then your love is afraid to take the leap of faith. It certainly shows that the reason you guys were in love was because you were physically present with each other. You were never actually satiated, just sheltering each other out of necessity.


3. Every relationship goes through a long distance phase. You never know when time gets you two together again.

If you heart knows that your love is the best person you could have ever desired for, then these long distance days will fly off in seconds and the tides of time will bow down, applauding your patience.

4. A long distance relationship is a real test of loyalty, trust and understanding.

Most couples lose interest when they drift apart in different corners of the country. Being loyal is no easy game. If the absence of someone special dissolves the feelings as well, then you were married to her beauty, not her soul.



5. Giving each other space solves grudges.

You two are living different lives at different places. Your planned talk time might not succeed everyday. You shouldn’t feel compelled to talk for long hours and only when the eagerness to listen to her voice kisses your heart, will the best chat happen.


6. Jealousy is natural but it’s also a sign of love.

Yeah, you would be surrounded by other people and he/she will be jealous upon hearing about your closeness with them. Well, it’s a strong sign of how much they love you and are scared to lose you.

7. The doubts questioning your relationships can disappear by talking and believing in each other.

There would be drought days when the love won’t rain and you will doubt the future of this distant bond. By talking with each other without worrying what lies ahead and believing that time is testing you guys to its core will give the strength to stick together.



8. Long distance makes your heart grow fonder if you love is really strong.

Distance actually makes your share your deepest feelings which you are afraid to speak in their presence. Hence, don’t be scared of a long distance romance because there are some couples who are together all the time but still miles apart.