Lok Sabha TV Just Misspelled The Word ‘President’. Wanna Know The Inspiration Behind It?

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8:33 pm 27 Feb, 2015


Something is terribly wrong with our national broadcaster, and other government channels.

No, I am not referring to their content and technology – which is obviously from our grandpa’s time.

When PM Narendra Modi was addressing the parliament in his motion of thanks to the President, the ticker that ran below read this:

Earlier, a news anchor with Doordarshan had committed an “unforgivable” (by Chinese standards) error of pronouncing their President’s name incorrectly.

She made him a Roman!

In November last year, a DD News anchor goofed up her coverage of the 45th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) at Goa.

Okay, it was not her mistake – she may have been the wrong person to cover a film festival.


Which might compel you to wonder:

Who is inspiring the people behind such productions?

Head of Doordarshan



Hey, if you note, each of the above faux pas followed that ‘knowledgeable’ show of hers with KJo.

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