This Cafe In Pakistan Is Serving ‘LoC Pizza’ To Unite Indians And Pakistanis

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12:27 am 15 Oct, 2016


A cafe in Pakistan, which goes by name ‘SattarBuksh’, recently became butt of jokes on Twitter for its parody of Starbucks.

However, the cafe came back with an epic reply and introduced its new ‘Loc (line of Control)’ Pizza. Yep, that’s right.


The Indian side of the pizza is Margherita and the Pakistan’s side is beef chapli kebab and mushrooms.

“The India side could have had more veggies or, as some Indians requested, chicken, but for the sake of a visual contrast and simplicity of message we kept it simple,” Sattar Buksh marketing team member Khizra Munir told a website.

This pizza comes amid the growing tensions between the two countries and aims to unites Indians and Pakistanis.

“Since it has just launched, we’re still letting people try it and see for ourselves if we want to make it a permanent feature. For now it’s a ‘trouble with the neighbour’ season item,” Munir said.



All Kiddos to Pizza Unity!



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