Living In The Remote Regions Of India’s Northeast

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Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 3:23 pm


The land of Seven Sisters, Northeast, is diverse linguistically and ethically and has abundant natural landscapes, cultural heritage and lively people. The varied communities and cultures make them different from the rest. Not only does it top the list of religious and nature travelers but is a one stop destination for many recreational activities as well.

Let us know a little more about this isolated yet affluent part of our country.

6. Respect Nature

For the people of Northeast, nature plays a pivotal role in their lives. They can boast of rich flora and fauna as a result of which they have innumerable wild life sanctuaries and national parks. They have preserved the nature from modernization and one can see that in the clean air one gets to breathe there.



5. Culture Closeness

They are about 220 ethnic groups in Northeast India and the major population (about 60-70%) is said to constitute these distinct groups. Not only do the inhabitants of these tribes stay close to their culture but also value the tradition, celebrating all major festivals with vigor and dedication.


4. Simple Lifestyle

The Northeast Indians lead a pretty simplistic life. They are extremely hardworking and their major source of income is through agriculture, weaving and tea farming. They are creative in offering some discrete art and craft which is popular worldwide. They are great craftsmen and some of their great works are done from bamboo sticks and wood carvings.


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3. Rich Music

The residents of Northeast imbibe music in their blood and soul. They not only offer a unique world of tradition music but also have the capability to top the charts with their rock band performances. That is why, Shillong is considered to be the Music Capital of India.


2. Unique Cuisines

Some of the dishes have become popular across the nation (the most popular one being Momos). Their diverse cuisines reflect the different cultures, with their staple food including non veg food (fish, chicken, pigeon, mutton etc.), rice and green vegetables.


1. Celebrations Throughout

They are so reach in culture that throughout the year festivals and fairs keep them involved. Their festivals are celebrated with lot of color, traditional dance, traditional dress and traditional cuisines.



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