Jab They Met In Chennai Express: Live Tweet Flirtation Turns Into Business Deal

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Updated on 24 Jan, 2016 at 1:59 pm


Even though eavesdropping is bad manners, I have always enjoyed it unabashedly. And here I am finding more reasons to indulge in the  act.

This Bangalore-based guy, Raj S, eavesdropped on a conversation only to be all over social media the next morning.

This story can surely be made into one epic Bollywood masala movie. Because it’s  absolutely entertaining, entertaining and really entertaining!

Check it out:


He asks her a question

Boy is out to impress

He is trying hard

Just to make it a little adorable too

Girl gives it serious consideration

She is a clever woman, I am telling you

Idhar udhar ki baatein vagerah vagerah

I told you she’s the smarter one

Destiny, my friend

Point to be taken

Neither do we — DON’T!

Now that should seal the deal

Let’s really come to the point

Phir idhar udhar ki baatein

Abusing network providers is an intrinsic part of a conversation

Smile — when you’ve nothing to say!

Raj S is the most clever one here!


There has to be a sponsored advertisement in every story!

More idhar udar ki baatein 

All right, it’s turning business

I don’t know what you’re talking about, so I’ll just smile

I strongly feel Airtel is sponsoring this conversation

Or may be, she is not that clever

Did she just recall how he failed class five?

Now, is she trying to impress?

‘When did we become friends, Boy?’

‘OMG, did that just happen?”

‘Jab We Met’ moment

So, will Raj S be invited to the wedding?

And can, we agree more?



Well, all Rajs are made to play Cupid, I think!