10 Reasons Why Live In Relationship Is Better Than Marriage

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Updated on 4 Sep, 2018 at 4:29 pm


Not that if you are thinking of tying the knot, you should reconsider, but let’s face the fact that many people, especially youngsters, are opting for a live-in relationship. Where the ratio of married versus live-in relationship couples might be 70:30, still the trend seems to be picking up for many reasons.

We bring to you not one but ten reasons why couples opt to stay out of the sacred institution, we popularly know as Marriage.

10. No Commitment Hassle

It’s true, when I say people now are a little skeptical to get into a serious committed relationship. The reason primarily is that you do not want to take someone’s emotion for a ride, which means there’s as well. And with the patriarchal society going through a sea change, women are becoming more open about not wanting to marry any man selected be peers. So, this ‘Not Committed’ status gives couples the scope to feel free and not bound by someone’s presence in their life.

9. Smooth Break Ups


With no commitment prerogative, couples with ease step out of their partner’s life in a live-in relationship. Marriage is more of a societal tag, which not only ties you with your spouse but also with two families, yours and your spouse’s. The damage caused if a marriage breaks affects hearts of many, whereas a live-in couple kind of sail through break-ups sportingly and much easily.

Break up

8. Free From Family Planning

A married couple is expected or rather supposed to start family planning immediately after marriage. This sometimes gives less time for couples to know each other post marriage. However, live-in relationship doesn’t oblige one to be pressurized for the same, giving the couple ample time to know and explore themselves and their relationship.

7. More Compatibility

This though cannot be generalized for all couples, however, the lack of the tag of Husband and Wife, somehow makes the live-in partners more compatible. In Indian society a set of things are expected from a wife and some from husband, which leaves room for a lot of disagreements. The void created hence, makes the relationship sour. A live-in couple also has disagreements but they tackle it more in consent with each other than ordering one to be a certain way.

6. Independent

You are a free bird in a live-in relationship, especially for a woman. You don’t have to dress a certain way or talk in a certain way just because you are married. With all due respect to those who do, for a high-spirited woman who has her own way of living, being in a relationship doesn’t make her leave her identity behind and transform into a woman even she doesn’t know.

5. Responsible For Oneself

Unlike married couples live-in couples are only responsible for themselves. A married couple might have to take care of a lot of responsibilities, such as their relatives, family traditions, children and what not. Live-in couples are at most responsible for their partner and not anyone or anything else.

4. Financial Freedom

Your money remains yours in live-in relationship, whereas a married couple is more likely to share their earnings. Suddenly the money that was once ‘yours’ becomes ‘ours’. No risk of such sort arises for live-in couples, whatever and wherever money is spent is shared, not burdening the other for money related explanations.

3. No Societal Obligations

Live-in couples are not recognized by society and the same is vice versa. They are not bound by any tradition or ritual and are master of their own. With society not talking about ifs and buts, the couples are free to live the life they want their way and not the way society would want for a couple. A simple example of following societal norms is giving a name to their relationship and that is where the argument ends.

2. Identity Crisis Free

You are spared the identity crisis in a live-in relationship. You are not someone’s husband or son-in-law or brother-in-law or uncle. The humongous change your identity sees from being someone’s son to someone’s many avatars may result in you getting lost in the whirlpool of identity. Whom do you want to show your loyalty towards, makes you question your sanity sometimes. Live-in couples are sure to enjoy just being no one’s no one.

1. Not Taken For Granted


A live-in couple goes over the top to make their partner feel special. The reason may be the fear of losing their loved one or out of sheer devotion; the love doesn’t fade away as quickly as it does when people get married. The once very-much-in-love couple suddenly takes each other for granted and starts a series of neglection, lack of time to bond with each other, finding faults and the list is endless.