SC Okays Live-in Relationships, Bombay HC Rules Breaking Marriage Promise Not A Crime

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Updated on 23 Jun, 2016 at 1:32 pm


It seems that our country is coming to terms with social changes. Slowly, yes, but finally accepting the new norms, such as live-in relationships. To further validate live-in relationships, the Supreme Court for the first time on Thursday removed the stigma from such liaisons, saying it has now become an accepted norm in society, reports India Today.

A bench of Justices Dipak Misra and Prafulla C Pant, during a discussion in the court on whether exposing a public figure’s live-in relationship would amount to defamation, said:

“In modern times, live-in relationship has become an acceptable norm. It is not a crime.”


While the Supreme Court gave a major psychological boost to couples in live-in relationships, the Bombay high court gave another landmark judgement. It ruled that breaking a promise to marry does not amount to cheating or rape, even if the couple was maintaining a consensual physical relationship.


According to Hindustan Times, the court held this while granting bail to a railway employee charged with rape. The man was accused of rape by his former girlfriend, on the grounds that he did not honor a promise to marry her.


Justice Mridula Bhatkar granted the bail, noting:

“It is an unfortunate case of a frustrated love affair. Prima facie, it is difficult to accept when the complainant is major and a married woman, she consented for sex only because there was a promise to marry by a person… Such woman is responsible for her decision to have sex. Even though a promise to marry was given, subsequently if at all the party feels it is not possible to continue the relationship as they are not compatible and there are differences of opinion, it cannot be called cheating.”



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