8 Reasons To Start Living A Happy Life Now

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Updated on 1 Sep, 2018 at 8:16 pm


For quite a few of us, happiness is something we long for but something that we don’t chase with as much enthusiasm as we should. We start thinking of happiness as something that we’ll get once we achieve our set aim, which could be a job, a house, marriage, etc. In a sense, we make the idea of us being happy a conditional thing. But we shouldn’t, because:

1. After a while, memories are all you have

Look at most of the elderly people in your life, they talk of the past, of the memories that they made. Whether rich or poor, healthy or sick, happy or unhappy, after a while we can only look back at the lives we have led. Happy memories will give you a peaceful old age; bitter ones will leave you bitter.

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2. You’ll only attract negative people


Happiness is a state of mind. Even the happiest people you know have problems but they choose to keep a positive outlook. For this, they surround themselves with other optimistic people. You may wish that someone walks into your life and makes you happy, but if you always bring other people down, they may avoid you.

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3. Tomorrow may bring a bad surprise

While you’re working hard to make sure that you have enough of whatever you need, don’t forget to do something that makes you happy today because tomorrow may not be kind to you. There are have been people who held off enjoying themselves their entire lives to earn money but couldn’t do so after retirement because of ill health.

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4. You might not have a tomorrow

In the worst case scenario, you might not even live to see tomorrow. What if the sum total of your life was just the days that you have lived so far? Are you proud of yourself and the life you lived? Have you been happy and content? If your answer to the last two questions is no, then do something about it ASAP.

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5. Some situations become beyond repair

Sometimes we take the people in our lives for granted or think that we’ll make things up to them later, when we’ve finished whatever it is that seems so important right now. Take the time to spend good moments with your loved ones. Sometimes dozens of small issues can become an insurmountable mountain, so solve them soon.

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6. Haters gonna hate anyway

You know if you choose to become upbeat and optimistic, some people in your life will be upset. There are negative people in our lives who try their best to turn our brightest days into a rainy Monday. Yes, they might have been an important part of your life so far but if your happiness makes them sad then maybe you need better people in your life.

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7. There’s that silver lining

So many negative and hurtful things happen to us in life; sometimes we deserve it, sometimes we don’t. As tempting as it is to stay in the victim mode, replaying all the wrongs that were done to you and feeling sorry for yourself, you do have a better option. Don’t stay a victim to your tragedies, rise above and seek happiness.

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 8. Don’t you deserve it?

If you view being happy as something that is entirely under your control, will you still allow yourself to remain unhappy? If you don’t mind buying yourself expensive branded items or splurging on things you want rather than need, why deny yourself the chance of happiness? If you feel you don’t deserve happiness, try to fix whatever is making you feel bad about yourself.



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