This Latest Music Video By Little Mix Is The Definition Of Self Love

6:46 pm 20 Nov, 2018


Little Mix is one of the most popular girl bands right now. The story of their formation is super interesting. All the four members of the group tried as solo artists on the eighth season of UK’s ‘The X Factor’. All the four failed as solo acts, but as destiny would have it, they were requested to perform as a group. And ever since, there is no looking back for them. The all girl band became the first ever group to win the reality show.

All of their albums and singles have received a lot of love. In fact, they have four certified platinum albums and sixteen certified singles. And now the group has dropped the music videos for two of their songs.




The girl band has released the videos for their song ‘Strip’ and also for ‘More Than Words’. Of these, the former must inspire the whole of womenkind to love themselves as they are. And we are sure their fans across the globe are loving it too.

So without delay, here’s the video of ‘Strip’ by Little Mix:



The Little Mix is famous for their supremely glamorous and fashionable looks. But they have stripped all the makeup and the clothes in this video to preach self-love. And we are loving it!



In the video, the singers also pose naked with hurtful words written on their body. And the way they call for all others to scrub off such hurtful words off their body and soul is brilliant.

The video not only features the four singers, but also some other women. These women are none other than the Little Mix’s own family, friends and more. Inspirational women like Nimco Ali, Dina Torkia, Hannah Witton, Sharaya J, and others are also a part of the video.

If one brilliant video wasn’t enough, Little Mix also dropped another video. Check out the video for the song ‘More Than Words’ featuring Camille Purcell aka Kamille.




So what did you think of lyrics for ‘Strip’ and it’s video? Did it inspire you the way it did us?