Bihar Constable Dies After He Couldn’t Get His Favourite Liquor

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12:57 pm 8 Apr, 2016


A 35-year-old jawan of the Bihar Military Police(BMP) died under mysterious circumstance after he allegedly couldn’t drink his favourite liquor.

Raj Kishore Sharma, who was a habitual drinker, allegedly consumed some poisonous substance at his barrack in Rohtas district of Bihar.


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The constable recently along with other BMP personnel had pledged not to consume liquor.

Sharma had been suspended five times previously because of his drinking problems. His suspension was revoked on March 24 by commandant Dr Parvez Akhtar.



Liqour ban in Bihar HT

Liquor ban in Bihar

Senior officials have ruled out the possibility of suicide or others forcibly administering poison to him.

A case of unnatural death had been registered.


Bihar Police indileak

Bihar Police

On April 5, Bihar was declared ‘dry state’ with the government imposing a total ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol.


Alcohol free state fitzgeraldhr

Alcohol-free state

Just a day after the ban, at least, 749 people were brought to the state’s 38 new de-addiction centres. Reports suggested that one man even ate a bunch of soap bars hoping to get high.



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