9 Must-Know Lip Hacks To Get Smooth, Stain-Free, Perfect Red Pout

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9:00 pm 24 Nov, 2016

As much easy as it might look swapping a dash of red on your lips, every girl knows it isn’t. There are ugly transfers, flaky lips, smudged lip stains and awkward lipstick-on-teeth moments.

To ensure you leave your house with a perfect red pout, here are some practical, quick hacks to save the day:

01. Exfoliate, scrub, moisturize

First things first. Even though you regularly scrub your lips, you might often find them chapped before you apply your lipstick. It not only results in uneven application but also leave your lips flaky by the end of the day – especially so if you love mattes. Get hold of an old mascara wand to use as an exfoliator before you apply lipstick. Rub in a lip balm or vaseline to make it a smoother process.

Get hold of an old mascara wand to use as an exfoliator before you apply lipstick. Rub in a lip balm or vaseline to make it a smoother process.




2. Make any lipstick into a long-staying one

As much as cosmetic brands claim for a long-lasting 14-hour stay, we know the deal – it doesn’t! So, save up by converting any of your lipstick into a long-lasting one by this one easy hack.

Apply your shade of lipstick and then hold a translucent tissue paper onto your lips as you dab on some powder on it.  It has not just locked in the color but has also made your lipstick super-matte. So in case you want a glossy look, top it up with another coat of lipstick or a gloss.




3. Make your color pop

Sometimes skin around our lips can make our lipstick look dull and uncomplimentary. Choose your knight in shining armor; a concealer. If you line the outside of your lips with a concealer, the colour not just pops but gives your lipstick a neat definition. However, like all makeup tricks, you need patience for it.



4. Softening your lip liner

Oh, we can’t forget the ugly 90’s of harsh lip liners! Unfortunately, the nightmare comes true even in this age when we apply a dark lip liner and up eating the rest of our lipstick during the day. Use a cotton bud to smudge and soften the liner so that it looks natural and not made-up.



5. For even application

Our natural lip color can often interfere with the color payoff of the lipstick. A concealer will not just ensure an even base but will also make your lipstick stay put for long.




6. Fake your thin lips as pouty

While concealers often do the half job of making your lips fuller, a highlighter on the middle of your pout or cupid bow can enhance the fullness of your lips. Alternatively, you can use gloss too instead of the highlighter.




7. Use your lipsticks as stain

There are days when you don’t want to put out a made-up look and go easy on your makeup. These days call for a casual no-make up look or a light lip stain. But do you know your rich lipstick can also give you an easy breezy no-makeup look? Just grab your normal lipstick and use your finger tips or a brush to dab some on your lips. Your lipstick’s staying power will make sure it stays all days long without screaming out too loud.




8. Make your lips look fuller

Apply one shade of lipstick over your entire lips, and then a shade in the same colour family but lighter in the center. Use a lip brush with utmost precision otherwise, you carry the risk of changing your lip color. This trick makes sure your lips look fuller than they actually are.


9. Keep lipstick off your teeth

Save yourself those awkward face in the palm moments of having red lipstick stained on your teeth. After you have applied two coats of lipstick, put in a finger in your mouth and the excess will be removed.



There you go, flaunt your perfect pout as you make all the heads turn!


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