When Lions Roamed Deep Inside Junagadh Town And Gave Residents A Shock

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1:50 pm 13 Jul, 2016

Being the home of the world’s only Asiatic lions, Gujarat has a big reason to be proud of. But an incident that was captured on a mobile phone has reportedly caused panic in Junagadh.

A pride of eight lions can be seen taking a leisurely stroll deep inside Junagadh town. Among them were two cubs.


The area where they were captured roaming about is near the Girnar Darwaza, some 3.5 kms inside the town’s boundary.

The Gir National Park is in the Junagadh district.




The residents have a reason to panic because just a few months ago, between March and May, lions killed three people in Amreli.

Amreli is to the north-east of Gir national park. As recently as on Tuesday, a shepherd was attacked by three lions in Amreli. He was hospitalised in Savarkundla.

In another incident, an old lady was killed by lions in Gir Somnath.

The lions roaming incident has sparked the man-animal conflict debate too. As per a data, 40 per cent of India’s forest cover has been degraded in the last decade.



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