Lionel Messi Quits International Football Following Copa America Loss

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11:36 am 27 Jun, 2016

Lionel Messi has quit from international football after Argentina crashed to an upset defeat against Chile in the final of the Copa America

Messi, who was left heartbroken after Argentina suffered another tournament loss at Copa America 2016, said he is quitting the national team as it was “difficult..and time was hard for any analysis”.

The announcement was made on Argentine football team’s social media account, just hours after the title loss at Metlife stadium.



The painful loss apparently became even more unbearable for Messi as he missed a crucial penalty kick in the decisive shootouts.

He was seen breaking down in tears and walking away from the ground.

Messi had missed getting the Copa title for Argentina last year as well, when the team had lost to Chile in a similar penalty shootout.


In 2014, Argentina had lost to Germany in FIFA World Cup Final, when Messi had a free kick chance within goal-scoring distance during extra time, but hit it over the crossbar eventually losing the match and the World Cup Title 1-0.

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