After His Mother Abandoned Him, This Lion Cub In Jodhpur Cuddles Up To A Teddy

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Updated on 7 Jul, 2016 at 4:22 pm


A two-week-old lion cub, who was born in Machia Safari Park in Jodhpur, cuddles up to a teddy bear after his mother abandoned him.

“We tried to make her take the cub back. But she just turned away and sat at a distance. She was also getting a little aggressive,” Sharavan Singh Rathore, wildlife veterinary doctor at the park, told Indian Express.

The lion cub with the teddy bear IndianExpress

The lion cub with the teddy bear

The cub is so attached to the soft toy as it has a ticking clock inside it imitating the heartbeat of the mother. He thinks it’s his mother.

“On June 14, he fell ill. We tried to revive him by putting him inside a crib with a teddy bear. We even put a ticking clock inside the toy to simulate heartbeat,” Rathore added.


Since the cub was premature, he has weak immunity and Jodhpur’s heat has proved too much for him. To save him, he has been put in an incubator.


“We fed him about 15 ml of cow milk six times a day. The incubator ensures a cooler temperature and a sanitised environment,” said Rathore.



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