The Iconic Linkin Park Song, ‘In The End’, Gets A New Video With 183 Movie Scenes

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9:00 pm 15 Jan, 2016

The name Linkin Park is synonymous with its runaway hit number, ‘In The End’. Many among us replayed this song a million times till it got permanently stored in our minds. This rock song went on to become an anthem for broken hearts the world over.

Now, YouTube user The Unusual Suspect has created a cinematic makeover of this song, remixed from 183 movies. This video has the rush of Hollywood classics coupled with the power the original song has exerted for more than a decade now.

The song starts off with ‘The Lion King’.

capture linkin park 2


The sensuous chemistry of Brad and Angelina, in the middle of the song, keeps the momentum going.

capture 5 d


The video ends with Gary Sinise from ‘The Green Mile’.

capture linkin park 3


Watch the full video here:



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