Sexiest Lingerie Trends Which You Can Follow To Spice Up Your Love Life!

5:28 pm 20 Oct, 2018

Kinky, bondages, rompers, harness – for me, these words simply resonate with one thing – dirty sex! But, you’re wrong – these are also fashion names in lingerie trends. These trends are really intriguing. With every passing generation, a new fashion history is created, don’t you agree? But it’s time to explore appealing lingerie trends from 2018 which adapts to modernity and feminism in equal balance.

You’ll be surprised to know that many of these appealing lingerie trends are meant and worn as functional attire. Let’s have a look at some of them and their magnitude of popularity:


Exaggerated florals


Exaggerated floral prints in lingerie are the latest to flaunt this season, especially in silk, for that soft and sexy appeal. Wear a flower garden at any time and make your life more beautiful!




Bralette is probably the oldest fashion trend to rule the lingerie market. For a modern-day lingerie addict, it comes with no expiry date! A typical bralette is lightly-lined and wire-free. Therefore all push-ups are bralettes!


Bondage, harness, and strappy details


Talking of lingerie trends, bondage-inspired bralettes are a hot trend. Harnesses, belts, corsets with lace or strappy designs all contribute to this generation’s kinkiest fixation!


Lace applique and embroidery


Lace does what bondage does to an erotic lover – it makes you stand out! All those sexy bralettes on burlesque dancers are made of lace appliqué.


Bodysuits, rompers, and teddies


In the latest lingerie trends, bodysuits, rompers, and teddies have all made a comeback. Who would mind all-in-one comfort after all?


Corsetry and shapewear


Corsetry or waist trainers were a rage a few years ago; however, it has made a major comeback. Now, almost every sports brand uses shapewear with Spanx. One of the most definitive lingerie trends is corsets.


Cheeky briefs


Cheeky briefs are one of the best-selling styles in lingerie trends! That lace border only makes it more appealing and delicate – perfect for that hot summer afternoon!


Bra Tops


For those looking to show off their sexy cleavage, bra tops are one of the hottest lingerie trends. This sexy bustier is a must-have item this summer. All the IT-girls will have this in their closet!