She Asked Me, “Why Do You Like Me?” And I Had No Reason

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6:25 pm 21 May, 2016


As I sat with my head on her lap, beneath the pristine blueness of the sky, her messy curls blocked the glittering rays, bracing my face. She saw love sparkling in my eyes and asked, grinning merrily at me:

“Why do you like me so much?”

Her mind imagined a thousand answers but my heart couldn’t decide one. I looked away from her, harassing my mind to give an appropriate reply. For her, every second of wait questioned my fondness. The  heart could not balance the weight of the emotions and finally confessed,

“I don’t know why I like you. I have no reason. I just do.”

The heart wants what it wants.



She smiled mildly and made a difficult face but her lips looked unaffected. Pushing her hair back, she asked:

“You have no reason to love me?”

I, with the hope to justify her, replied in a gentle tone:

“I didn’t choose to love you, it just happened. This blessed realization was divinely planned and my heart could never ignore it, pulling me back to you with fierce intensity. Every time.”

It was an eye-opener for her. Her stunned look was bemusing and probably, she misunderstood the softness of my expression. I sensed her dismay. Before I could speak, she argued in a rebellious bitter tone,

“Am I no different from other girls?”

“May be yes or may be no,” I replied consciously.


She was losing patience; she suddenly thrust my hands away from her and fury was raging in her eyes as she stood up and started walking with anger soaring in each step.

I ran towards her and arrested her hands, and she, with a tear flowing down her warm cheeks, asked:

“Why did you fall for me then?”

I did not mean to give up so easily, pulled her down with ease and explained:

“Before I could fall for you, it was my heart that ignorantly got connected with your soul. And only yours. It yelled only your name among those thousand girls. It fogged everyone else and irresistibly just wanted to be with you. Always.”


She looked half-satiated with the answer and asked in disbelief:

“But what if this connection fades away and you fall for someone else?”

A woman is deeper than a man. With a look of calmness, I continued:

“We got connected without a reason and so, may be if at all we part ways, that too, I guess will be without a reason. Because if we separate with an excuse, then that resentful excuse will kill us everyday, making us hate each other all our lives. When the reason loses its battle, it’s easier to surrender and let go.”


She continuously stared at me and the shadow of doubt and fear vanished. As I pressed the ends of her fingers, one by one, our hands made love. She gently put one of her fingers on my lips and softly whispered:

“I don’t care about the reason anymore. Let the voice of our hearts decide our story. I am neither afraid to stop falling for you nor forcing you like me. Because true love stories are born with the connect and end with the connect. Let love complete this moment for us because love doesn’t always last forever but it always lasts till it is destined to.”



One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.



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