Lightning Is India’s Deadliest Enemy When It Comes To Natural Disasters

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7:46 pm 27 Jul, 2015

Do you know which of nature’s furies claimed the maximum lives in India? No, it is not flood or earthquake. According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), lightning killed more Indians than any other natural calamity in 2014, surpassing deaths due to heatstroke, cold and floods, reports Hindustan Times.

As stated in the NCRB report, 20,201 Indians died in 2014 due to natural calamities, out of which 12.8% (2,582) deaths were due to lightning, 6.2% (1,248) because of heat or sun stroke and 4.5% (913) succumbed after an exposure to cold.


Out of the 20,201 deaths due to natural disasters, 15,517 killed were men and 4658 were women. The interesting fact to be noted is that lightning was the only cause behind all the accidental deaths in the category of natural disasters in Tamil Nadu in 2014.

Also, just 2 deaths happened due to earthquake – one each in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi.

The report also shows that lighting has always been the deadliest in India and more than 1,500 people have died  because of it every year since 2003.

But, this problem is not restricted to India. Almost all the developing countries face a disproportionately large number of lightning deaths, says a National Geographic report.




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