The Lifestyle Of Zuckerberg’s Beast Will Put Socialites To Shame

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Updated on 27 Aug, 2014 at 11:12 am


When you happen to visit the Zuckerberg residence, don’t be surprised if you are bowled over by a massive dog explosion called ‘The Beast’. He is the official family member of the owner of Facebook and is a Puli. That’s a Hungarian herding dog, known for its long corded coat. They are very rare in cream or gray and mostly black in color. They are often blue eyed and called Roxies. They have little or no shedding and a full grown coat resembles a mop. They look bulky because of the coat, but in reality are very intelligent and agile. They form very close bonds with the owners and can be trained very easily. They are fun loving, and very protective of their territory. Read on to know interesting details about the cutest dog on facebook.

1. A Notable FB Celebrity

Beast is white and fluffy and has his own Facebook page. He lives in Palo Alto with Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan.

A Notable FB Celebrity

2. A Born King


Beast was born in Oregon on January 10th, 2011. He loves herding, cuddling and eating.

A Born King

3. Photography Enthusiast

He is sure to overtake Mark Zuckerberg in the number of photos uploaded on FB. Already he has 1,875,820 likes and 14,424 netizens are talking about Beast.

Photography Enthusiast

4. Not A Single F**k Was Given That Day

When Beast went on a visit to the FB headquarters he left a small puddle right on the floor, never minding the fact that the occasion was the launch of the new FB data center.

Not A Single F**k Was Given That Day

5. Living Life to the Fullest

Beast likes to be out as much as he can. He is a herding dog so loves to be out bullying other dogs. A drive in the car also delights him like nothing.

Living Life to the Fullest

6. No, Beast ain’t a Claustrophobic

If left in the bathroom alone, in a few minutes he can make it look like tornado hit.


7. Marked by Mark’s Affection

Being taken out for a walk by the youngest billionaire in the world is some lucky kismet I must say. Mark is a very responsible dog owner and always picks up behind Beast.

Marked by Mark's Affection

8. Having an Equal Societal Status

On Mark’s birthday Beast was an equal part of the festivities and was given a a special treat of a cup cake.

Having an Equal Societal Status

9. Concerned Owners

So passionate is the billionaire couple about their new pet that they take him out for puppy socials. His pictures of his first bath were also uploaded on Facebook for all to see.

Concerned Owners

10. Beast’s Feast

Guess what did Mark get for Beast on his second birthday? He got him a yummy big bone to chew upon.

Beast's Feast

11. Happy Outside

Beast is most happy when outside. A trip to the park or a visit to the farm really makes his day.

Happy Outside

12. Priscilla’s Best Bud 

Priscilla like Mark loves and adores Beast a own. On a hiking trip when he picked up a few ticks, she actually took each one of them out. She is often seeing spending peaceful time with him.

Priscilla's Best Bud