7 Life Lessons You Learned From Your Parents That Need A Complete Makeover

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7:00 pm 25 Sep, 2015

As I look back at my early days, when my moral science books occupied every corner of my school bag and each night ended with an enlightening thought from my mother, I realized that her words of wisdom still echo in my ears but discontent fills me, as I reach the conclusion that whatever she taught me wasn’t rational and practical, it required a much broader understanding.

Here are the life lessons that need a deeper connect with reality:

1. Always respect your elders.

Respecting a person just because he or she was born before you is completely illogical. We need to ask ourselves does that person’s character demand respect?

What if that person has a history of sexually abusing his daughter? Will you still respect that person? In India, around 40% sexual offenders are generally elders or relatives of the child, most often fathers, uncles, or cousins.

 So, respect an elder who deserves it.


2.  We should always respect our culture

Dowry is a core part of Indian culture and has been a prevalent practice in India’s modern era. Why every married women faces dowry-related violence? To me, dowry suggests that women are inferior to men, and it often costs women much more than its monetary worth.


3. Don’t be selfish

There is nothing wrong in focusing on your happiness first. Sacrificing a hangout to study for the exams is perfectly fine. Friendship is important but our friends will not work hard for us to accomplish our goals, no matter how much we care for them.


4.  Always follow the teachings of great people

Why should we follow anyone? Instead we should question their ideologies . Always be a leader not a follower.


5. Hard work is the key to success

Forcing a child to become a doctor against his will and then, making him believe that hard work will help him to succeed is pointless. Success is measured by our ability to live happily. If at all he becomes doctor, he won’t be happy.

Happiness is the key to success.



6. Junk food should be avoided to maintain a healthy diet

Avoiding junk food actually weakens our immune system as our body becomes less flexible to different varieties of food items. Our junk food intake should be moderate so that immune system becomes more adjustable.


7. Don’t talk about sex till you reach 18

The silence over the topic of sex education forces the young generation to seek information from misinformed sources that attracts them to the darker side of sex which affects them both mentally and physically.


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