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9 Beautiful Life Lessons That We Can And Should Learn From Football

Published on 14 July, 2018 at 6:31 pm By

Football is a beautiful sport which is loved and played by almost every country across the world. Unlike another major and popular team sports like cricket, which is played by just a few countries, football is played everywhere, and even in the remotest part of the world. However, I’m not going to compare or talk about the difference between football and cricket here in this article. What I would like to talk about here is some of the beautiful life lessons that we can learn from football.


Like every other sport, football too has its own set of rules. However, unlike other sports, the rules of football are quite relatable to human life. In fact, we can learn so much from them. And so in this article, as the 2018 FIFA World Cup draws closer to an end, I bring you here 9 beautiful life lessons that we can learn from football.

1. First of all, you can’t play football, or any sport for that matter, without knowing the rules of the game.

The same is with human life. It comes with certain DOs and DONTs, which if you ignore, you will always end up being punished or land in trouble. Know the rules.


2. As the referee in football, so is God in human beings. The referee sees the action of every player, so is God in our lives.

The referee sees and knows who has committed the mistakes, and who is right and who is wrong. Unseen but God sees and knows everything we do. If we understand this, we will not do any wrongs or harm others.


3. You may make faults or harm others while pursuing the ball, but you know that if you crossed the limit, there’s punishment and you have to pay for it.

We all make mistakes, but a mistake is different from a lie, which God sees and knows everything.



4. You don’t get punished for no fault of yours in football. You are punished only when you have committed the mistake. The same is with our life.

If you didn’t commit any mistake or crime, you can’t be punished at all. But if you have, you will have to face the consequences. In other words, if you play a good and fair game in life, you will never be charged or land in trouble. Always play a fair game in life.


5. Do you know why every player is afraid to commit mistakes in the goalkeeper area? Obviously, it’s because everyone is afraid that they will be slapped with a penalty kick!

If every human being can understand the consequences of their actions, not just their life but the entire world will be a beautiful one.


6. When it comes to winning, every team or player will do everything they could to win the game.

No team or player has ever played or will ever to lose the game. The same is with every human. Everyone will always try to win, in anything.


7. When it comes to supporting, everyone will support his/her own country first or the team they love or admire the most.

The same is with our life. Everyone will support or stand by its family or loved ones first no matter what at the end of the day.


8. While how the team prepares or practices before the match or tournament is important, it is how the team performs in the field is what is most important.

The fate of winning or losing is determined in that 90-long minute’s match, not before or after the match. And so is life too. It is the journey that matters the most.


9. At the end of the day, one team will certainly win and the other will lose. While the winning team will celebrate, the losing team will regret not making it.

Yes, both team can’t win at the same time. One has to win and the other has to lose. Remember, life is like that too. Not everyone will win or lose either. That’s perfectly okay. Winning or losing is always a part of life. Just play your part always.


Life lessons from football



What else can we learn from football?

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