This Is Why Life In Israel Is Tough And They Need The Iron Dome For Some Peace

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11:00 am 11 Jul, 2014


If you thought that by producing weapons like a dairy-rich nation would produce milk Israel is doing a morally wrong thing and is too paranoid, you need a first-hand experience of what life is like in that country. If you cannot, then you can at least have a look at the video below. How would you react if your wedding was disrupted by a rocket fired by militants from across the border of your country, and it explodes right above the venue of your wedding? That is what happens in Israel. People are unable to lead a normal life and peacefully enjoy some of life’s most beautiful moments. If Israel is concerned about its future, it has strong reasons for that. And, if the Iron Dome can bring a sense of security in the hearts and minds of Israelites, then there should be more such domes.



Credit: Associated Press via YouTube.

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