9 Reasons Why Everyone Cannot Get Everything But Life Is Still Beautiful

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8:30 pm 21 Mar, 2016


As you sat in silence, the regrets enveloped your dejected heart and you envy the people immersed in joy but little did you know, all the smiles around you also have painful hearts. Everyone is cursed with that one thing which makes him/her feel helpless all the time. Initially, the raging helplessness makes us feel weak but if we decide to make it our strength, then, the world is at our feet.

Here are the 9 reasons why everyone cannot get everything but life is still beautiful.


1. We all are in a cloud

Everybody is fighting a battle you know nothing about. The battle to be happy in pain, to live with regrets and to hide the helplessness in agony. Nobody is destined to walk without thorns in their way. But the best part is that we all are together in that cursed yet blessed cloud.


2. If you had everything, then you would never have understood the value of pain.

Pain arises when something you always wanted was snatched by the uncertain hands of destiny. But that very pain becomes your tool to change your life and brings back focus on the things that you can control. Respect the pain that God bestowed on you and use it as your strength.

3. Nobody is perfect and even the almighty didn’t have a perfect life.

Nobody can keep himself in joy all the time. We are humans, not gods. But wait, even Gods, when incarnated as humans, lived lives full of challenges and sufferings.

4. We all are equal because at any point in life, there will always be something missing in each one of us.

Think of the closest people you know and try to remember a single moment when all of them were equally happy at the same time. And finally, you will realize, there is no such moment or will there ever be.



5. The universe is balanced because we all are unbalanced.

The universe is balanced because each of our sufferings are connected with each other. If your best friend had no problems and was living a perfect life, then would he be able to understand your struggles?

6. Life would have no drive if everything was beautifully plated up for you.

Imagine living the life of Uday Chopra, nothing to do and nothing to prove. Twitter becoming your only source of attention. In today’s world, people respect those who work hard and achieve what is not expected from them. For others, memes are ready on Google.


7. I know acceptance is really painful.

It is disturbing for a boy begging on the footpath to see another kid sitting in Mercedes Benz. He wonders what he did wrong. But his heart couldn’t answer. Sab naseeb ka khel hai. Then accidentally, his tired eyes flash on a newspaper, which reads “Don’t dream your life, chase it.”


8. So, gratitude should be our attitude.

Gratitude should not be a choice but a joyful gesture coming straight from the heart. It doesn’t matter how well you understand life, being thankful is more important, it removes your ego and is the best way of getting in touch with your spirit.


9. We learn to value each other more by standing in each other’s shoes.

If you really want to be satisfied with what you have, try to imagine the life of a person who has nothing. In the end, what matters is how we lived what we got. Life is what you make it.