10 Strange Facts About Life In North Korea

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Updated on 19 Nov, 2015 at 4:05 pm


From everything we hear about it, North Korea is like some evil creature’s lair in a fairy tale. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what exactly goes in this mysterious cut-off land. Here are a few things we heard about:


1. None of those short from one side, long from the other hairstyles.

North Korean haircuts



2. A unicorn lair. Now if only there was a way to verify this!

Unicorn lair


3. Of course, it’ll require compulsory attendance to fill it up.

Stadium North Korea


4. Nothing like an newly-built empty town to confuse people.

Ghost town North Korea


5. In other ways, life is very advanced there.

Marijuana North Korea


6. So they bypassed all that Y2K nonsense, I guess.

North Korea Calendar


7. You vote for this one guy or you go to jail.

Voting in North Korea


8. I’m sure our khap panchayats will feel at home in North Korea.



9. One’s death sentence is others’entertainment?



10. Nothing’s more scary than a threatening fax. Brrr!

Fax South Korea



Source: asiantown