15 Things You Realize If You Are Born And Brought Up In Mumbai

10:00 am 2 Jun, 2015

Mumbai, aptly known as the city of dreams, is a city that will love you, spoil you, guide you and give you real tough times. It becomes a way of your life. Once a Mumbaikar, always a Mumbaikar! Here’re 15 things you will realize if you are born and brought up in Mumbai and a true Mumbaikar.

1. Shuddh Hindi is just not your cup of tea.

Your Hindi is different from the Hindi people speak in the Hindi heartland. You would frame sentences using tu, tujhe, terko while your outstation friends would be like aap, aap se etc.


2. You are almost a traveller.

Since the city has such mesmerising getaways, beaches, mountains and hills to explore you almost turn into a traveller. And what better than visiting Goa for a quick two-day trip, just a few kilometres away!


3. You are simply used to travelling by the lifeline of Mumbai – the local trains.

It is undoubtedly one of the most trustworthy public transport networks of India.


4. Bollywood runs in your blood!

Since you are born and brought up Mumbai, the home of Bollywood, you are constantly surrounded by Bollywood buffs, songs and movies and you yourself love it too. You will always love watching Bollywood movies even if they aren’t that great at times because it’s simply entertaining.


5. You can have chaat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The chaat you get in the city is the best and utterly delicious. You wouldn’t mind having it three or even four times a day. You thrive on the world’s best vada pav and bhel puri.


6. Let’s celebrate.

Staying in a cosmopolitan city like Mumbai means festivals are being celebrated every other day, so you exactly know how to celebrate. Since the city is always lit up celebrating something, you just can’t handle the sight of a dull street.


7. Your day probably starts at 7 pm.

A true Mumbaikar comes alive at night. With such an amazing nightlife that the city offers, you are a true party animal. From bars, stylish lounges, lively clubs and pubs, you have it all and more!!


8. You have a pretty appreciable fashion sense.

With such a wide range of shopping options, be it the fashion street, hill road etc., or the big posh malls, you have everything you want. Fashion loves the city and its style and surrounded by the fashion and media industry you are sure to develop a pretty good fashion sense.


9. The city of dreams.

You dream to become something, follow your passion, as you know the city is there to help you out accomplish it with its wide range of job opportunities, companies and firms.


10. Ultra fast life.

You have learnt to do things at an ultra fast speed to match with the pace of the city. The city moves at its own pace and there will be no Monday that starts faster than in Mumbai!


11. Every day is a new day. Meeting loads of new people and sharing new stories.


12. You never get bored of Marine Drive.

You can sit there for hours and hours.


13. The city lights in South Bombay mesmerizes you enormously.


14. You live, breathe and speak the city. Yes, literally!

You can’t tolerate if someone speaks something against it.


15. You don’t mind if someone calls Mumbai, “Bombay” but you mind when someone calls Pani Puri, “Gol Gappa”.



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