15 Hacks To Help You Sail Smoothly Through Life

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7:00 pm 12 Aug, 2015

Life is not easy. And then you have exams to pass, bills to pay and lovers to please. Who’s got the time for that? So here are a few witty, useful hacks to make your hard life a tad easy.

1. Score free study guides a day before exam

So you’re one of those who buy their books a day before exams and get scared by the amount of note making it requires you to do. Don’t panic, just shoot out a bluff mail to your friends saying you’d love to help them by swapping your notes with them. Forward your other friend’s notes to them.


2.  Who spends their money on textbooks?

Not us anyway. Always borrow expensive textbooks from the library, xerox them and whoopie! The library can take back their Rs 1000 textbooks. I got them for 120. Boo!

3. Buy an older version textbook

Still not satisfied with the previous hack? Old versions are really cheap as compared to the new ones. Buy them and xerox the few other pages from your friend.


4. Create space in public buses

It’s so annoying to have so many people around you in a bus. Keep them at bay by sitting with a mask covering your mouth. Who will dare to come sit next to you?

5. Drop your CV to the relevant address

Large companies usually have [email protected] as their address for job applications. Call them and say the address is not working. They will connect you with the right person and you’ll have their personal work e-mail id.

6. Add to online shopping cart

When you are shopping online, trying adding your items to the cart and close the page down. Next day, you’ll receive a discount on the item from the seller website. Just be a little patient.

7. Scoop out free TV channels

Tell your provider that you wish to close down your subscription with them. They will immediately offer you free channels. When the channels run out, repeat.

8. Save up your wedding bills

When making orders for catering, tell them it’s a reunion/official event. Don’t tell them about the wedding. You’ll save a lot like this. Spend it on something better, like your honeymoon?

9. Keep your girlfriend woes at bay

We know how much you love her, but it does get annoying when she keeps asking about your whereabouts. Save a set of your pictures chilling in your apartment on your phone. Send her these while you go party with your friends. Word of caution – don’t overdo, women get to know eventually.

10. Get your wet phone replaced for free

Usually warranty does not cover your phone getting wet. They check this through the stickers inside your phone, which change their color when wet. Bleach them or color them white. FREE REPLACEMENT!

11. Get your credit card company to pay for your dinner

Put a less than 3k dinner on your credit card. Leave without signing the receipt. Contest the charges. Your credit card company will refund your money.

12. Score an extended break in middle of your work day

Extended lunch breaks are often seen as unprofessional. No more. Just carry a pen and notepad with you whenever you go out. Be in the lunch or whenever. Take your time. Everybody will think you were involved in an official meeting/call. Voila!

13. Enjoy your own gift cards

If you are an employee who gets regular discount, don’t spend it on purchase. Buy gift cards from them. Later, splurge!

14. Get freebies from Amazon

Spot a seller with low ratings. Order few products initially and make sure to leave a bad review. Sellers at amazon are at constant pressure to improve their ratings. They will do anything to please you. Think about promo codes, discounts and freebies.

15. Escape challan the easy way

Put up a clear skateboard on your license plate. This way they might see it but they will never be able to click it!


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