A Retired Indian Army Lt General Claims ‘Human Shield’ Video ‘Haunting’ And ‘Illegal’

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6:15 pm 15 Apr, 2017


The video of a Kashmiri man tied to the front of a military vehicle went viral yesterday. Social media was abuzz with comments that praised and criticized the army’s action.



A section of the intellectuals, who, ironically, remain mum when stone pelters help terrorists escape, claimed that the manner in which the man was tied to the vehicle was inhuman. Then there were “nationalists” who proclaimed that this is how every stone pelter should be treated.

Now retired Lieutenant General Harcharanjit Singh Panag, who is an AAP member and father of Gul Panag, tweeted this:


Lt Gen Panag’s comment was praised and retweeted by a section of the Left-leaning media brigade, which claimed that the army man’s tweet is significant because of his credentials.


But his comment left many aghast and angry, especially because he is a retired army man.

The retired Lt Gen responded to many of those commentators.


Among those criticizing the retired Lt Gen’s comment were other retired military officers:


Lt Gen Panag, however, maintains that the action of tying up the man was “illegal”.


As far as the viral video is concerned, reports now claim that the man tied to the vehicle was a resident of Beerwah and was not a stone pelter. According to local Kashmiri media, he was merely out for a condolence meeting on polling day when he was picked up by the army.

But according to Hindustan Times, the army was in a “do-or-die position” just before the moment captured in the video. According to the report, a five-vehicle convoy of the army was tasked with safely transporting poll officials. As has become the trend in Kashmir, the convoy came under attack by stone pelters.

The report says that the commander of the convoy “took the call, deciding not to open fire and unleash a bloodbath”.

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